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 /  2021-3-20

Project Title: Building capacity to advance the National Adaptation Plan Process in Mongolia

Project Period: 03/2019 – 12/2021

Project Purpose: Strengthen the institutional and technical capacity of Mongolia’s government at both the national and the local levels to advance the process to formulate and implement NAPs as a vehicle towards climate-resilient development.

Project Objectives:

  1. Enhancing the institutional and technical capacity of key actors to advance the NAP process in Mongolia
    1.  Establishing NAP process
    2.  Identifying NAP activities and measures
    3.  Strengthening the legal framework for climate change adaptation
  2. Establishing a robust climate information system
    1.  Developing sustainable climate information system
    2.  Establishing system for cost-benefit analysis and appraisal of priority adaptation options
  3. Developing sustainable implementation strategy for the NAP process
    1.  Assessing financial needs for long-term adaptation plan
    2.  Developing a strategy for mobilizing funding resources for adaptation
  4. Designing a monitoring and evaluation framework for the NAP process
    1.  Establishing monitoring and reviewing system for the NAP process
    2.  Conducting technical training of monitoring and reviewing system
    3. Developing NAP progress reports and communication materials


Project Outputs:

This project will identify and use multiple ways to integrate climate change adaptation (CCA) options into new and existing national policies, strategies, plans, and programmes of the key climate-sensitive and economic development sectors and institutionalize CCA as a 'development strategy' for Mongolia. Expected outcomes from this project are as follows:

  1. The capacity of multi-stakeholders to formulate the NAP and implement NAP-priority adaptation actions, along with capacity to monitor and review the NAP process, at national, aimag and sum levels is enhanced.
  2. System for developing, upgrading, and sharing information to advance the NAP process strengthened.
  3. Government of Mongolia is able to establish a funding strategy for NAP including financing for medium and long-term CCA investment
  4. Key actors and stakeholders are capable of reviewing, monitoring, and communicating results of the NAP process in Mongolia. 



Work phone: +976 7709 1142

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