Local artists shout out loud on climate change issues

Local artists shout out loud on climate change issues

 /  2018-11-12

Those who stand in the sun are sure to cast shadows: this is the idea that accompanies Tamir Bayarsaikhan on his forays through the Valais. According to the law of causality, every action, however small, will have an impact on our environment. Regardless of whether we perceive a deed as exemplary or erroneous, the natural world will inevitably react to it, and can do so at any time. It is these consequences that the photographer describes as “shadows” – while imbuing this term with neither a negative nor a positive significance. His sole intention is to observe a little more closely the shadows that we cast, together with us. He directs his artistic gaze onto the traces human existence has left on the landscape, thus lending a face to the notorious butterfly effect in the Valais. Scorched forests, avalanches and landslides are only the most striking examples of this. These traces are usually more subtle, barely perceptible – but no less poignant.

The Shadow on us exhibition holds a mirror up to the viewer. It is an invitation to question ourselves and our behaviour. “To live means to act,” wrote the French author Anatole France in 1894. But the question is: How? Are we prepared to look in the mirror and meet our own shadow?

This is the first solo exhibition by the artist and is presented under the SMArt programme that is initiated by Foundation for Sustainable Development in Mountain Regions (FDDM) and organized by Arts Council of Mongolia. To deliver these important messages to the public, Environment and Climate fund worked together with the artist on the descriptions of the photos worked on the book published for general audience. 

You are cordially invited to visit “Shadow on us - Conceptual Photo Exhibition" by photographer and graphic designer Tamir Bayarsaikhan / Tamir.Glz. The exhibition will be available for your visits within November 9-23, 2018 at MN17 Art Gallery.  You can get more information of the event by clicking here.



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