Regular meeting of experts council under the national clicmate committee

 /  2022-3-25


On March 25, 2023, the Climate Change Department of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism organized a regular meeting of the Experts Council consisting of members of the Experts Council of the National Climate Committee and coordinators of the line ministries. The meeting presented the progress of global climate change research, the conclusions and objectives of recent international negotiations, ways to achieve them, and the measures that need to be taken at the national level, as well as Mongolia's goal of mitigating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The process and the results of the development of a new GHG emission inventory methodology tailored to the Mongolian context were presented and discussed.

 The issues discussed at this meeting will be discussed at a regular meeting of the National Climate Committee.

 The main role of the National Climate Committee is to ensure cross-sectoral coordination, management and coordination of government and international policies and measures to mitigate, adapt, improve resilience, mitigate and prevent climate change.

 The Experts Council under the National Climate Committee advises the Committee on scientifically sound analysis of climate issues and the identification of solutions.

 Climate change has become one of the world's biggest challenges, with scientists blaming it on greenhouse gas emissions caused by the brown economy or human error. Under the Paris Agreement of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, member states are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Government Action Plan for 2020-2024 sets a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 12.3% by 2024.

In this context, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in 6 sectors such as energy, agriculture, industry, construction, transportation and waste, adaptation to climate change, water, forest, biodiversity, disaster risk reduction, public health to improve health and livelihoods.

Therefore, as a member of the experts’ council, our joint efforts and leadership are important, as the implementation of the above objectives and measures in national and sectoral policies and planning is a priority of the National Committee.

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