Vacancy announcement for consultant service

 /  2022-5-17

Project name:

Building Capacity to Advance National Adaptation Plan Process in Mongolia (also known as NAP Mongolia Project)


To conduct workshops and consultations for capacity-building on the legal framework for climate change adaptation

Application deadline:

24 May 2022

Type of contract:

Consultant contract


35 Days (approximately 2 months)


UNEP is executing the Green Climate Fund (GCF) funded project entitled “Building Capacity to Advance National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Process in Mongolia” .The objective of the NAP project is to strengthen the institutional and technical capacity of Mongolia’s government at both the national and local levels to advance the process to formulate and enhance the long-term implementation of NAP as aligned with the policy and program.[1]

Through the development and implementation of the NAP, the project aims to enhance institutional coordination mechanism and put in place the capacity for informed decision-making which will lead to changing the behavior and mindset of decision-makers in the government such that climate change adaptation becomes a part of Mongolia’s development strategy and plans.

            MET is seeking to recruit a national expert to conduct training for capacity building by carrying out national and sub-national workshops in close consultation and coordination with the NAP (Project Management Unit) PMU, the MET, and Climate Change Research and Cooperation Center (CCRCC).

The associated tasks enable effective and efficient tools for support on legal enforcement and capacity building, and strengthening capacities against the ProDoc under the objectives of NAP Project Sub-component 1: Capacity of all stakeholders to advance the NAP process at the national level and across provinces in Mongolia strengthened, and Output 1.3: Legal frameworks for climate change adaptation reviewed and strengthened through a) legal framework assessments; b) stakeholder workshops; c) targeted reforms; and d) enforcement and capacity-building support. 


The main objectives attached to this consultancy are to: 

  • Conduct workshops and consultations for capacity-building on the legal assessment for climate change adaptation using the results that are undertaken in the activities under Output 1.3;

The consultant will carry out the following tasks:

  1. Conduct 2-national level meetings, 1-stakeholder and 1-validation workshops/consultations for capacity building at national and sub-national level;
  2. Identify potential inconsistencies in the reports that are submitted to the project under Output 1.3;
  3. Provide advice to project consultants and MET on applicable environmental regulations on the forest, water, biodiversity and its roles for implementing the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) and cross-sectoral target programs;
  4. Receive comments/feedback from the participants of workshops/meetings/discussions/training (e.g. ministries, agencies, and other associated organizations/citizens who are responsible for implementing and monitoring the legal framework on climate change) and incorporate them into the report and the draft legislation;
  5. Provide support and cooperation with the MET’s working group members on drafting a law on climate change;
  6. Ability to work on additional necessary tasks (e.g. consulting the PMU, MET’s working group, etc) when required;
  7. Submit the reports in both Mongolian and English

Academic Qualifications:

At least a Master’s degree ( preferably PhD) in either Law or Environmental Law

Technical Competencies and Experience Requirements:

  • A minimum of 7 years of relevant work experience concerning environmental law, in particular related to climate change.
  • At least two previous similar assignments related to assessing national and sector legal frameworks and integrating cross-cutting environmental management issues, preferably related to climate change adaptation.
  • Demonstrated previous experience in leading and facilitating high-level multi-stakeholder consultative processes related to reviewing and amending legal frameworks related to environmental issues.
  • Skills and experience to facilitate internet-based virtual meetings and stakeholder consultation processes.
  • Demonstrated ability to canvas the government and stakeholders on legal reform processes in a developing country context.

How to apply

The application should contain the following:

  1. A brief technical proposal (max.7 pages) outlining how the expert intends to undertake the work in order to achieve the objectives as stated in the TOR; the technical proposal should at least outline the proposed methodology, tools, and work plan including the timeframe for submitting the deliverables of the assignment;
  2. The Chair Person and Personnel CV (max.2 pages) of the expert indicating his/her education background, professional qualifications, all past experience on similar projects, as well as the contact details including certified copies of diploma and certificates (incl English language proficiency evidence);
  3. A Financial Offer that indicates the all-inclusive fixed total contract price including professional fees, taxes and any other associated costs.


Applications should be in English and Mongolian in a single sealed envelope and submitted to the following address by 4 pm 24 May, 2022.


(NAP Mongolia project) Mardag center 303, Sukhbaatar District, Oyutnii gudamj

Climate Change research and co-operation centre CCRCC SOE Tel: +77-09-11-42

Attn: O.Damdinsuren 



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