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The Climate Change Research and Cooperation Centre (CCRCC) was established by government decree in May 2020 with the mandate to implement Mongolia’s state climate policies.


It is a self-funded state-owned enterprise (SOE) operating under the methodological guidance of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia with the purpose to enable cooperation and coordination among concerned government agencies, private business entities, NGOs and CSOs by organizing national and international events and supporting the initiative and efforts of organizations to introduce new technologies to combat climate change.


The CCRCC is tasked to prepare and deliver reports (Fourth National Communication and Second Biennial Update Report) under the UNFCCC implementation process. It serves as the focal point for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and acts as the secretariat of the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) within the Mongolia-Japan Low Carbon Development Partnership agreement.


Along with its goal to ensure implementation of the Paris Agreement, the CCRCC may also engage, among others, in developing and implementing internationally funded SDG-aligned cross-sectorial projects and programs, to carry out various research work and provide consultancy services in accordance with its rules.


The CCRCC may enter into and maintain bilateral cooperation with concerned domestic and foreign partners, both government and non-government, international organizations, private companies, by exchanging information, signing MoUs and agreements, and performing various joint activities and programs.

 The following is the Mission Statement of the CCRCC.

"The mission of the CCRCC is to ensure implementation of Mongolia's climate policies and its commitments under relevant international treaties, and to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development of Mongolia by actively engaging in cooperation both on national and international arenas and utilizing science-based knowledge and findings."


Please note that at present the CCRCC is not yet fully operational as it continues to address some issues related to organisation, set-up, coordination and financial independence.

Most of its funding comes from the Fourth National Communication and Second Biennial Update Report project. Out of 13 staff 12 are tied to this project. Human resources capacity is therefore limited. Nevertheless, we are ready to consider small-scale projects and would be glad to put effort into launching cooperation aimed at producing meaningful and impactful results.

About us

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